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If you get a hint of a minor issue in your garage door opener, do not overlook it. Rather, call a professional to check your garage door as soon as possible. Calling a professional means kiboshing potential danger and give a protection shield to your garage door. Also, a professional’s touch guarantees extended lifespan of your garage door. Word of caution-a minor malfunctioning in your garage door opener such as grinding noises lead to a disastrous situation when left ignored for long. Also, it leads to costly repair, not to say risk your life as well as your property.

When you need garage door opener repair services, it’s difficult to get a trustworthy company all of a sudden. For that matter, do your research in advance and keep in touch with a reputable company beforehand. This helps you save your time and you are rest assured that you get a genuine solution for your garage door at the time of need. To make your job of a finding a trustworthy company easy, we have embarked on the garage door industry. When it comes to garage door services, we offer everything that please our customers and keep them satisfied. Our comprehensive garage door services count automatic garage door opener repair, automatic garage door opener installation, garage door installation, garage door repair, garage door opener motor repair garage door inspection, maintenance, useful tips, to mention a few. We are not only approachable on official timing, in fact, we work every minute of the day and year. For this reason, the majority of garage door owners in Weatherford, Texas, prefer our company.

Garage Door Opener Services for all Makes and Models

There are multitude of garage door openers on the market. Finding repair services for each and every model under one roof is not easy. Not many companies treat all the brands of garage door openers. You should feel lucky to know us as Garage Door Repair, Weatherford, Texas, as we deal with every brand of openers available on the market. We service:


We employ only those technicians who are experienced and docile. When they qualify the comprehensive test, we put them on training to prepare them to be a safe player when they face the garage door challenges. In support to the previous statement, our techies are a dab hand at fixing all the technical snags in LiftMaster opener. Below are given the series of LiftMaster models that we treat:

Contractor Series

  • Model no. 8155
  • Model no. 8165
  • Model no. 8065

Elite Series

  • Model no. 8500
  • Model no. 8557
  • Model no. 8587
  • Model no. 8550
  • Model no. 8550

Premium Series

  • Model no. 8365-267
  • Model no. 8360
  • Model no. 3240
  • Model no. 8355

The brownie point in our company is that you can call us even in the wee hours for garage door opener repair service.

You can call us at any hour of the day for our garage door opener repair service for this or any other opener brand.


Similarly, we service garage door opener repair services of Chamberlain brands round the clock. Our garage door opener repair experts repair the following models without breaking out in a cold sweat:

  • PD612EV Chain Drive with 1/2 HP power MyQ Enabled
  • 1/2 HPS Chain Drive HD220
  • PD752KEV with 3/4 HP power and MyQ Enabled Chain Drive
  • 3/4 HPS Belt Whisper Drive MyQ
  • PD610D Chain Drive 1/2 HP
  • Belt Opener with Whisper Drive – 1/2-HP power
  • MyQ with 1/2 HPS power – Belt Whisper Drive
  • PD752D Chain Drive with 3/4 HP power
  • Chain Drive LW3000 with 1/2 HP power
  • MyQ Belt Whisper 3/4 HPS
  • MyQ 1/2 HP Belt Drive with 3/4 HPS power
  • LW2000 Chain Drive
  • MyQ Belt Drive with 1 1/4 HPS power


Call us if you have Genie opener installed in your garage door. Below is mentioned a few of the series that we treat and bring them on track in no time.

  • 3024
  • 1028
  • 4024
  • 4064
  • 2028
  • 3064
  • 2568 (screw drive)


As we said, we service all the garage door opener brands, Guardian is also on our list. If you have a Guardian opener and it not working, approach us immediately for a prompt solution. Rely on us if you have any of the models in your garage door:

  • Model 628 PRO series 3/4 HP openers
  • Model 315 Core Series 1/2 HP opener

Trust us to get away with a problem in your Guardian garage door opener.


If you have any of these models in Sommer brand- Synoris 800, Synoris duo or Synoris 550, and you are facing a problem, call us immediately to get reliable service. Our experienced technicians are capable of repairing any problem cropped up in your automatic garage door opener.

If you are looking for wireless key entry system or garage door opener sensors, or automatic garage door opener installation, seek professional’s assistance for the perfect result. We provide 24-hour emergency garage door repair and are even available on holidays and weekends.